Friday, December 4, 2009

Erie PA

charlee and i went o erie to see my sister and her family. we spend thanksgiving with them and it was so nice. it was a long day of flying and it was a great surprise to see my dad there. he wasnt supposed to be but surprised us all. hunter came running up to me and gave a big hug. it was such a good time. i miss them so much already! its so hard being so far away! i know charlee misses them too. she had such a good time with them. carter showed her a few things, like how to climb on chairs to get stuff off the table and counters. evertime i turned around i had to get them down. the wrestled, played and got hurt but it was a great time hanging with my mom and sister, crafting and shopping. i love you guys!

hunter getting ready to go to school. he didnt want to go, as you could tell by the look on his face
paxton, charlee and carter

all the kids looking cute

me, pax and ty

arent they so cute

so precious

hunter, mom and dad

mom and dad

dad and the boys

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