Saturday, October 10, 2009

Charlee's Pictures

i know that i haven't blogged lately but my camera has gone m.i.a. things are good, our house is getting close to being done and we think that we will be in before Christmas, needless to say we are very excited. i will post pictures when in find my camera (Julie it has to be at your house) so we decide that it was about time to get charlees pictures done. so we got a coupon so we headed to sears today to get them done. she wasn't cooperating very well and wouldn't really smile that much but we did get some good ones. enjoy!


kip said...

Ashley, those are adorable!!!!!! I'm still searching my house for your camera. I loved the one with the hat!!

Derek & Kellyn said...

That last one is so jake! Way cute! Excited to see you soon.