Thursday, August 27, 2009

finally a vacation

jake and i finally made it to jersey! my first flight went really well, charlee did good no problems. but when i landed in colombus i learned that my flight was delayed 3 hours! i couldnt believe it! jakes flight was also delayed. to make a long story short, we finally boarded a plane around 900 then had to switch planes because of a leak....we finally made it to my aunt and uncles aroundc 1230! we sure had a great time though. we went down to cape may and stayed in a beach house. it was really nice. the water was a little cold for me but everyone else loved it. we went to wildwood and walked down the boardwalk. it was so hard to leave. we didnt want to come back to reality! thanks so much oj and nannie for everything!

charlee dragging the board thinking she could go one it

jake and oj

of course we had to get some of stewarts rootbeer, its soooo good

a bird pooped on austins head

austin buried in the sand


me and charlee

jake with charlee. the waves we really strong

this is the cute little bungaloo that we satyed in

oj and charlee, i think she thought he was my dad when we were there.

i love her smile in this one. she loved the sand

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