Thursday, July 9, 2009

ideas anyone?

so charlee loves the water, pool, bath, sprinkler anything really, but since we live in a condo i dont have anywhere to put a little pool for her and our pool is out of if anyone has any ideas where i could take her for a cool down in this heat that would great. idealy it would be somehting other than a pool. she loves it but she hates being in a floatey and she has no fear and will stick her head under the water if i dont watch her closley. so somewhere where i can stand and watch her and she can splash around. so let me know!


Anonymous said...

I was searching around blogs and somehow came across yours and wanted to say if you google splash pads in your area they are alot of fun and you dont have to worry about her going under, also I do know that the phoenix zoo has a splash pad in there as well. Hope that helps in someway.

Altadena Park Spray Pad: 3711 E. Altadena Avenue. The nearby major cross streets are 36th Street and Cactus Road. 602-262-6696

Francisco Highland Park: 2702 E. South Mountain Avenue. The nearby major cross streets are 28th Street and South Mountain Avenue at the base of South Mountain. 602-262-6111

Mountain Vista Park Spray Pad: 13647 S. 50th Street in Ahwatukee Foothills. The nearby major cross streets are 50th Street and Ray Road

Pecos Park Spray Pad: 48th Street and Pecos Road in the Ahwatukee Foothills area of Phoenix. You must enter the park from 48th Street, via Chandler Boulevard. 602-262-6111

The Jaycee Park splash pad is located at 817 W 5th Street (at Hardy Drive) in Tempe. Call for info 480-350-8625.

Bloom Family said...

I haven't checked into your guys blog in a while. Charlee is so cute and getting so grown up (relatively speaking I guess, I mean she's just walking around and everything!!!!) :) Happy 1 year Charlee!

Charlie and Christina said...

chandler acquatic is cheap and has a pretty cool kids area. It is on Kyrene in between Chandler blvd. and the san tan 202

andrea said...

Ok this might be random but it would work if you have a small patio. I have just used a tupperware and filled it up with water and bath toys, like a water table. The kids like it and it cools them down. Here's a link from when I did it.