Friday, March 27, 2009

Disney Land!

this past weekend we went to disney land with my family. thanks to my mom who paid for the hotel! it was so much fun. the whole family went except for jacob. it was fun but hard not having him there. the boys loved and it so did charlee. i took her on most of the kiddie rides and pirates! she loved everyone! waving her arms and legs with excitment. i cant wait to go back again!

mom and charlee
ty showing of his cool hat

hunter and his lightsaver

charlee me and hunter

charlee, she did so well while we were there. she really only had on bad night

charlee me and mickey. she was just in awe of him!

me and dad, thanks for going on the roller coster with me!

ty, britt, chuck, matt and pax

britt, mom and me


me and my sweet girl!

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