Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas

i know this post is pretty late but every time i thought about doing it i put it off, see my computer is kinda slow and i hate posting from here. anways we had a great christmas. this year was my parents year so christmas eve we always have mexican food, look and likes and play cards. theres this block of houses that always put up really great lights and weve being going there forever it seems like. of course christmas day we opened up gifts had breakfeast, watched movies, ate dinner and of course played with our gifts. we didnt go all out this year jake, got a pair of shoes and a calendar of charlee from me and i got a pair of jeans and a new dryer! i wasnt expecting it at all. he totally surprised me. they did a good job of hiding it untill christmas eve i found it! charlee got some toys and clothes. we also got some great gifts from our familes. my mom and dad got us cooking classes, jakes got us clothes and a piece to my nativity scene. all in all we had a great time and were so thankful that we could spend time with our families and remember why we celebrate christmas

brit mom and me at christmas lights

hunter in front of one of the displays

roasting marshmellows

me and dad

picture of the nunes fam

jake, charlee and me
all the kids in thier christmas pjs dont they look cute!

charlee playing with her toys

chuck, christina and charlee

opening presents on christmas day

playing cards

we went to thatcher on friday to spend some time with jakes family. while we were there it snowed! it was really cool. thanks to trae and stacy for letting us stay with you and being the most best cooks!


ike and jake

charlee and allison

charlee and me

me and beth

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