Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hawley Lake

so again this year we got to go to hawley lake. jake didnt go becuase he went hunting with his brothers. hawley lake is becoming a tradition with our family. weve done it the last 4 years and we always have tons of fun. we always go over labor day weekend and its agreat time of the year to go. although this year it rained quite a bit. its great to hang out with family, play games go on walks and eat lots of food. here are some pictures from our trip.

pax and his mommy
dad made homemade ice cream, mint chip it was really yummy! thanks dad
carter in his swing, hes getting so big! he was just a baby when i saw him last
the boys found a tree to climb outside our cabin
hunter loves holding charlee and pax loves giving her kisses
chuck held her in the baby carrier on our walk
mom, pax, brit and matt
matt gave all the children tattoos, hunter and ty were showing thiers off.
dad walking with pax on our walk, he did really well and walked pratcially the whole way
ty and pax roasting marshmellows

chuck and christina chillin on the couch
we were trying to get a pic of carter and charlee with my mom, but pax wanted in, we never really got that great of a pic but thats ok!
grandpa, carter and charlee
hunter and me, he almost looks like he could be mine! i love him so much
me hunter and pax

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James and Amy said...

We're glad to see you guys are doing well.