Tuesday, August 26, 2008

good old arizona

so i got home yesterday and it feels so good to be home. charlee did pretty well on the flight. her ears didnt seem to bother her at all and she sleept most of the time. though it was alittle harder than i thought it would be. charlee's not much of a crier but as we were getting on our second flight, which i almost missed she was screaming! she was hungary and tired. i was planning of feeding her inbetween flights, but i barley had time to get to the next flight. i literally sat in my seat and the plane left the gate. i was carrying two bags and her and she was screaming and it was amazing how many bad looks i got from people! at least the the lady sitting next to was nice. she helped with my bags and even buckled my seatbelt for me while i was trying to get charlee to feed. she did good the rest of the flight. jake and his brother trae started driving today. they are stoping in chicago and staying the night. they will get her on friday and will go hunting the rest of the weekend. were so glad to be home and i cant wait to see everyone!


Nate and Lori said...

SO jealous! Although the flight back home sounded rough, I'm sure it was completely worth it.

The Nunes' said...

Oh Ashley... I felt so bad when Britani told me everything that happened to you!!! She is so dang cute though and I know she was worth every second of it for you guys. I hope you are feeling much better by now. That is so exciting that you guys were able to move back... I'm sure your nephews will love having a little girl around! We'll see you guys this weekend up at Hawley Lake!

mark and jaelynne said...
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